Magic Hyper Cube Generator


This code is imported to java from my old vb code (back in year 2000).

A magic hypercube is the k-dimensional generalization of magic squares, magic cubes; that is, a number of integers arranged in an n x n x n x ... x n pattern such that the sum of the numbers on each pillar (along any axis) as well as the main space diagonals is equal to a single number, the so-called magic constant of the hypercube.

This website generates a hyper magic cube of any order and dimention. Please check out the different types of magic cubes mentioned in the left hand side menu. I was able to write code to generate various types of hyper cubes but there is lots to be done. Except for few cases the hyper cubes generated are random. I still do not have algorithm for

  1. Nested/bordered cubes for higer dimentsions
  2. Odd Hyperboids for all types of orders
  3. Multimagic cubes for higer dimentsions
  4. Anti magic squares/cubes

If you have algorithm for any of the above please feel free to share on the email id given below. I will be happy to include that in my code.